Guest Facilities Guidelines

  1. The guest facilities comprise a single bedroom equipped with a fridge freezer, microwave oven, kettle, and toaster; and a bathroom. All bed linen and towels are provided.
  2. On arrival, the guest receives the key from one of the Trustees and is shown around the facilities.
  3. The guest may not move any materials/items out of the Library building or between Library rooms.
  4. Books and materials from all rooms other than the main reading room on the ground floor can only be obtained with permission of one of the Trustees or the Secretary.
  5. The guest is responsible for ensuring the security of the building for the duration of the stay, keeping the front, back and basement doors locked/bolted and the windows shut.
  6. Any books/periodicals removed from the shelves should remain on the main table in the reading room to be reshelved by one of the Trustees or the Secretary.
  7. No food is allowed outside of the guest room.
  8. No smoking is allowed anywhere in the Library building.
  9. In case of breakage or loss to the Library’s facilities and equipment, the Library reserves the right to claim damages from the guest.
  10. The Library is not responsible for the loss of any personal property left unattended within the facility.
  11. The Library will provide free Internet access. However, the guests are responsible for the set up of personal computers.
  12. The guests will be expected to make a donation to the Library.